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Kids in Apeldoorn – the Netherlands

Intro. In my previous story about Apeldoorn a I wrote about an excellent place to stay:  the former Cantonal Court. Our daughter Eryn and I had an excellent time in [...]

Crows Nest – Part 1: Bunching roo paw

The town. In Queensland, Australia, at almost 160 km (98 miles) from Brisbane lies a town with a little over 2,000 inhabitants. One of the stories is that the town [...]

A story for dinosaur lovers – Canada

Intro. After my previous blog about a Dutch theme park Dinoland I couldn’t wait to write another dinosaur story. In Dinoland, Zwolle, none of the dino’s are real. Yes, you [...]

Elephant Nature Park – Thailand

Sangduen ‘Lek’ Chailert. The first time I heard the name ‘Lek’ was through my dad. In a previous story I mentioned that he lives in Thailand, so that he was [...]

Happy New Year!

Difference. At 7 am this morning a cheerful face appeared next to our bed. Our daughter Eryn. She was fully awake and ready to play. We had not expected this. [...]

Best B&B in Arizona – USA

Adults only. There is one B&B in the USA my husband and I went to that was amazing. Sadly enough we won’t be able to go there for at least [...]

Photo of the week: IJmuiden

 A wedding. IJmuiden has a special place in our hearts. The main reason is that this is the place where my husband and I first met. Another reason is that [...]

Photo of the week: the ant hunt

Breakfast. In the summer our daughter Eryn and I were staying in an excellent B&B in Apeldoorn, the former Cantonal Court. I wrote about it in a previous story on [...]

Dolphin boat – Auckland (New Zealand)

Human auction. I have been on several dolphin boats during my life. Some have been very bumpy, others were a more relaxed experience. However, my experience of the dolphin boat [...]

The former Cantonal Court – Apeldoorn (the Netherlands)

A small country. We do not often stay in hotels or apartments in the Netherlands. The main reason is that we live in the Netherlands. We can usually travel back [...]

Franchimont Castle in the Ardennes- Belgium

Castle on a hill.This castle was build in the 11th century by the bishop of Luik. The castle have seen some sieges in its long years of being a stronghold [...]

Little colorado river view point

During our road trip from the Grand Canyon to Brice Canyon, we made a short stop here. We did not want to make a stop already, but road signs convinced [...]

La-Roche-en-Ardenne Castle, Belgium

Castle of La-Roche-en-Ardenne.The castle was built on top of a Celtic stronghold and dominates the valley below. It was built during the 11th and 12th centuries. During this time, the castle [...]

Krakow, City Center – Poland

 Krakow Polands capital before 1596. Kraków was founded in the 4th century. It was destroyed by the Mongols in 1241 and rebuilt in 1257. It became the capital of the [...]

Valkenburg, castle ruins part I

Castle on a hill.Castle Valkenburg is the only castle in the Netherlands build on a hill. The Netherlands is mostly a flat country, but in Limburg you have some hills. [...]

Valkenburg, the city below the castle – The Netherlands

Valkenburg medieval city.For more than 130 years Valkenburg has been a tourist hotspot. On the hill there is a nice castle, but the city of Valkenburg has also some beautiful parts. Valkenburg was a city with city walls and [...]

Bulge – Waterfalls of Coo near Stavelot – Belgium

Waterfalls.The Village of Coo is situated a few miles from Stavelot in the Ardennes or Bulge. It is here that you can find the waterfalls of Coo. Besides the waterfall, [...]

Huriel, Tiny city in the center of France

In the center of France there is a small city called Huriel. I think it is one of the smallest cities I ever been. We stayed here for a few [...]

La-Roche-en-Ardenne WWII Museum, Belgium

The bridge of La-Roche-en-Ardenne.In 1944 La-Roche-en-Ardenne was liberated by the Americans. During their retreat, he Germans blew up the bridges. The Americans however, did rebuild one of the bridges.When the [...]

Narbonne, small city near the Mediterranean Sea – France

Narbonne.Narbonne was the first Roman settlement in France. You can still see parts of the Via Domitia when you go for a walk through this beautiful city.For a short time [...]